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Surviving the Rollercoaster of The Post-Covid Job Market

Jun 23, 2020 by Lucy Singleton

It's been a rocky few months but it's exciting to see that job ads are really starting to pick up. Seek is reporting a >50% uplift in June vs the lows we saw in April and this is consistent with the activity I've been seeing with my clients. But there's still a big gap between the number of jobs and the people who want them!

Jobs Ads are attracting huge numbers of applications.


  • Many jobs ads are being pulled down quickly.
  • Technology is being used to screen applications.
  • Hiring managers tend to be looking for "a perfect fit" from your resume and are less likely to think outside the square.
  • Many companies are hiring directly and hiring processes are longer than normal.
  • Quality applications have never been so important

It's so hard applying for roles and being rejected, and the process can be long and lonely.

Here's some tips for anyone that's in the thick of it right now:

1. Apply fast and be in the top 100 applicants

2. Tailor each application to the keywords required

3. Think about the reader! they may not have expertise in your field, make it easy for them to find what they need.

4. Be open to contract opportunities


It's critical to the process... but initially it will get about 10 seconds attention in a massive pile of applications. The first page needs to give most of the info they're looking for!

1. Make it easy to skim-read and follow your story

2. Have a clear message about your unique skills

3. Focus on achievements make your story about your legacy in each role.

4. Optimise keywords for the role with the right structure you can switch out keywords on a resume quickly for each application.


It's essential to have your profile "game ready", as many job ads have an option to either apply from LinkedIn or attach your LinkedIn to the application.

LinkedIn is playing a central role in recruitment processes more than ever before. And it's being used to sift through the piles of applications.

Here's what you need to know...

1. Use commonly used keywords (and job title) in important places like your title, summary and current role.

2. Fix up your job history to make sure it feeds into algorithms well. If you're older remove dates that can attract bias-(i've read that people should be cautious about dates pre 1995.)

3. Try to have more than 300 connections and 3 recent recommendations

4. Have a great photo that makes you look approachable.

5. Use a tone that makes people want to meet you. - this is essentially your first interview. Avoid 3rd person as it can be very polarising.

Cover Letters

There is no such thing as a generic cover letter!

1. Tailor it to the opportunity

2. Tell them why you're interested in their company

3. List your relevant skills to summarise your capabilities

4. Keep it to one page if you can!

Remember this is about showcasing your communication skills and persuading them about what you can do for them, not what they can do for your career!

I hope these tips are useful for those navigating the current market. Remember, we can support your applications with our popular "Job Application Wingman " service- giving a professional helping hand to optimise the chances of your applications.

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