Finding “Your Spark”

Our Approach

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A strong Professional Positioning is your most important weapon in the job market.

But what is it?

In a nutshell it’s the concise, carefully considered sentences and keywords that communicate what you want to be known for. They persuade others of your value as an employee. Some call it a value proposition, others personal branding. We call it your Professional Positioning. What matters most is the content; that it’s authentic, relevant factual and inspiring. These few meaningful sentences will take pride of place at the top of your resume. On your LinkedIn Profile you use the personal summary section to tell the same story in a far more engaging way.

Effectively communicating your Professional Positioning is a key driver of success in the job market because employers mainly want to know what you can do for them! Spending the time and effort to create a strong, compelling Professional Positioning is the most important step in any career transition. It is also an essential tool in the interview process as helps you to give potential employers a consistent message about what you will deliver on the job.

That’s why we won’t tackle a resume or a LinkedIn Profile without first creating a compelling, authentic Professional Profile for all our clients.

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How do you work out what it is?

We believe that everyone has a unique spark, the personal attributes, skills and experience that make them successful in their career.

You can trust us to help your find yours. We have a number of simple tools to help out, including our exclusive Your Spark Strengths Profiler, custom built by an organisational psychologist. For best results we aim for a collaborative approach but we try not to use too much of your time.

By talking together we help you define what “Your Unique Spark” is and this becomes the basis of your Professional Positioning.

Once we have your Professional Positioning nailed we can either help guide you to “DIY” your resume and LinkedIn or write them for you.

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How It Works

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1. Pick your package online

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2. Work with us to finesse your professional positioning

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3. Update your professional profile and resume - choose to DIY or get us to do it for you

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4. Launch your new improved professional profile

Input We Need

Working with us you can expect to be hands on in the following ways:

  • “Your Spark” Personality Profile. (5 mins online)
  • Short Questionnaire about your working style and preferences. (10 mins: and more thinking than writing)
  • Send us through your current resume and examples of at least 2 job ads that appeal.
  • Phone/Skype interview of 30-45 minutes. This can be after hours if preferred.
  • Ongoing time for brief email/phone discussions.

We will review your current resume and the kinds of roles you are interested in and ask you specific questions to help develop a unique plan just for you. We will also check in with you along the way to make sure that you are happy and you feel it’s authentic. Our job is to help position you for success.

Your Spark Strength Profiling Tool

How Long Does It Take?

We aim to complete the process within 3 working days.

Express service may be available on request and may incur an additional charge.


Everyone needs to start with our "Find Your Spark" service. After that you can either choose to DIY or to let us help you write your Professional documents. We offer a range of options to suit everyone’s needs.


Payments are made in advance via a secure payment form on our website.

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