Why “Your Spark”?

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We created “Your Spark” based on an increasing number of requests for help from candidates who were finding the new job market challenging.

What’s Changed?

1. Increased Competition

The job market has always been competitive but the ease of online applications and global reach of the internet means that the number of applications for roles can be very high. Further adding to the demand is the reality that today’s employees tend to move jobs more frequently and “browse” for new and interesting opportunities.

In this environment a job application needs to be prepared with care to be noticed. Whilst someone may have superior technical skills for a job the recruiting manager’s attention will generally be drawn to the communication in the application itself and how it compares with other candidates. In reality the skills used to present yourself to the company are similar to those needed to be effective in a role. Clarity and conciseness of communication, accuracy of detail, care and attention with spelling and grammar are all highly relevant considerations for someone building a shortlist.

Further to this where large volumes of applications are processed computer software is often utilised to do an initial screen, in this instance the effective use of keywords relevant to the role is especially important. Applying for a job online may be quick and easy to do, but for the best chance of success you need to work hard to stand out. Let us help you with professional positioning and career advice.

2. Direct Recruitment

There has been a rapid and significant change off the back of the GFC, amplified by the rise of social networking. As the talent pool has become more available many companies have made a shift to save money, bringing recruitment in house using platforms like LinkedIn as a database.

Candidates in today’s job market can expect to encounter a range of approaches in their job hunt. As a result candidates need to take the lead and ensure that all their communication to potential employers, recruiters or hiring managers is effective, concise and professional. This includes communication you haven’t elicited such as being headhunted for you dream job on LinkedIn!

3. The World Beyond The Resume

Regardless of who is recruiting, you should expect them to be time-poor, meaning that they will also have their own tactics to improve efficiency. Online headhunting via LinkedIn and other Professional Networks is common as keywords allow very specific searches. Resumes still have their place but skim reading is standard- so it’s essential to help the reader find what they are looking for quickly. They are also likely to check LinkedIn/Social Media to fine-tune their shortlist. The quality of what they find can impact your likelihood of being selected for an interview. Let us help you with our expert resume advice and resume writing skills.

4. Empowerment of Candidate

And it’s not just about winning a job, because most importantly the role has to be a good fit to make you happy. The rise of the internet and professional networking also makes it easier to find out more about whether a manager or a company is a good fit for you.

How We Can Help

We optimise your communication to make you stand out

  • Creating a tailored proposition around your skills and unique attributes.
  • Effective use of keywords to help you get found.
  • Impactful, concise messaging around how you meet their brief.
  • Prioritisation of key information to help them skim read.

Our process helps people get better longer term outcomes from their job search because:

1. We help you focus on what makes you happy in a role.

2. We help build awareness of where to focus on the job to enhance your performance and reputation.

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