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Our packages are designed to meet the needs of those who just want a helping hand, and those who want us to do it all for them.

Our Packages:

Package 1

Spark Up Your Job Search

Our objective is to help you make the shortlist. We invest over 8 hours in each resume to ensure that you put your best foot forward and we have an exceptional strike rate of helping people to get interviews quickly.

Our Service Includes:

edit-green.pngImpactful Resume

page-beige.pngApplication Support

Our resumes are designed to make a strong first impression by highlighting your achievements, demonstrating how your experience meets the job spec, and concisely providing hiring managers all the information they seek.

Each resume is designed from scratch to present you in the best possible light. Our preparation includes:

  • Detailed review of all available materials.
  • Our unique strengths profiler tool.
  • Detailed phone interview.
  • Crafting a positioning statement.

We help you to sell your experience and achievements by using our professional career experience to push you for examples and content that might be relevant, and we work with you to fine-tune it till you're happy.

When the resume is ready we provide support and advice for one application end-to-end. This includes reviewing the job description, providing feedback and suggesting tweaks to your application. We also give you our detailed “Your Spark” Interview guide to help you prepare for an effective and successful interview.

*Package includes up to 1.5 hours of phone consultation- including upfront consulting for the strategy and a detailed interview to support the resume writing.
*Resume includes up to 3 rounds of amends. Please note we do not make up content! We work with you to optimise your story for the best results.
* Final resume is provided as a word document and a pdf.
* We love helping people to get new jobs. But as it takes time and effort to keep helping people we do need to charge for our services. Additional work and support is available at the rates below… BUT our clients tell us it’s really worthwhile as it helps them land jobs faster.

Spark Up Your Job Search


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Spark Up Your Job Search

green plus LinkedIn Profile


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Package 2

LinkedIn Profile

A strong LinkedIn profile is important. It’s the most common way for for people to find you and find out more about you; whether it be a headhunter, a potential employer or customer. It’s hard to write about yourself and there’s a science to LinkedIn, we can help you to maximise your impact in a really authentic way.

li-blue.pngLinkedIn Strategy

edit-green.pngLinkedIn Content

As part of the process we review your objectives and recommend an approach, we then work with you to identify the most relevant content. This includes:

  • An impactful header - Relevant and search optimised.
  • Summary Section – Introducing you in an authentic, approachable way.
  • Career Summaries - Brief, impactful summaries of your work experience, keyword optimised as relevant.
  • Recommendations & Advice for how you can optimise the rest of the profile (eg photos, recommendations, media links etc.)

*LinkedIn content is provided as a word document.
*We can copy and paste approved content and manage your profile for an additional $40

LinkedIn Profile


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Package 3

Application Wingman

It takes time and a whole lot of effort to prepare a good job application. Each vacancy has different requirements and most jobs attract hundreds of applicants. Our expert help saves you time and stress whilst maximising your chances of making the shortlist. Our objective is to help you find a new role faster.

edit-green.pngReview Criteria and Content

search-blue.pngReview Resume

page-beige.pngCover Letter

This package includes:

  • Thorough review of job advertisement and criteria.
  • Phone consultation.
  • Tailored cover letter/written application up to 2 pages max.
  • Minor resume tweaks where relevant.
  • Interview Guide & 20 minutes of Interview Coaching (phone).

* For application content beyond 2 pages (eg Government roles with more than 3 selection criteria) the scope would have to be agreed upfront.
* Resume tweaks are minor changes to address the specific role. It does not include a complete re-write for a different job/skillset.

Application Wingman


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Package 4

DIY Resume Coaching & Application Reviews

If you are someone that likes to do things themselves we can help too! One very common request is for us to provide expert feedback on resumes or job applications after you have spent hours perfecting them. This feedback can really help you to raise your game.

chat-yellow.pngCoaching, feedback and advice

This package includes:

  • Full review of document and any specific job advertisement.
  • Feedback on the structure, content and layout.
  • Tips on fit with the job specification and application criteria.
  • Spelling, grammar and copy checking.
  • Review of up to 2 rounds of changes.

* This is a coaching service. We provide feedback, examples and basic content changes but will not rewrite the document for you or release our templates.
*The feedback is provided on the phone or on email and assumes max 75 mins of assistance, split as you wish over the course of a week.

DIY Resume Coaching & Application Reviews


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Package 5

Interview Coaching

Preparation is key to the success of any interview. We can work with you to help improve the structure and clarity of your responses, arming you with the skills to answer any question with impact.

chat-yellow.pngPersonalised interview training

This service includes 1.5 hours of coaching and can be done online or in person

Option 1: Online (google hangout/facetime) $120

Option 2: Face-to-Face $200

A coaching session includes:

  • Our interview guide
  • Preparing a well-structured introduction
  • 4 practice questions- focusing on the structure of your responses.
  • General coaching and preparation.

*During the 1.5 hour session we will work on the responses to the questions helping you to finesse the content and structure, arming you with transferable skills to apply to any question you may face.

Interview Coaching

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Other Sparklers

Job hunting can be a long, hard process. We have the specialist skills to help you get a job faster. Popular services include:

Career Transition

Cover Letters

Government Applications and Selection Criteria

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