Why Use An Expert?

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Big brands use consultants to advise them on strategy, agencies to help create great advertising and copywriters to ensure that every time the brand “speaks” it hits the right tone. Why? Because expertise creates superior results.

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Expertise delivers more effective results

For most of us changing jobs is a big deal. The competition is hot and we don’t do it often. When you see an ad for your dream job of course you want to look good. But most of us don’t. Resume writing is tedious and most are too long, full of mumbo-jumbo and lacking a clear message. LinkedIn Profile writing is often token and if not done well can do more harm than good.

It’s smart to use an expert to put your best foot forward. Our expertise in creating impactful, effective communications for job seekers comes with the unique perspective gained from almost 20 years experience in marketing, recruitment, copy writing and big business. This strong commercial background gives us a unique and holistic view around what companies are looking for and how best to get their attention. Further to this, the strong links with our sister company Spark Recruitment also make us uniquely placed to effectively communicate the specialist skills of IT Professionals in the job market.

Our Process

How can our expertise help you shine?

We help you communicate effectively

We help you to make an impact in the job market by optimising the content and structure of your resume, LinkedIn Profile and job applications.

We help you find your unique spark

We work with you to define the talents, experience, achievements and attributes that make you stand out, and use this to create a compelling Professional Positioning.

We keep it authentic

We are not here to make you look like someone you are not. Our job is to help you make an impact by finding a really genuine and compelling story about what makes you unique.